Welcome to the team.

Align Athletics is Philadelphia’s premier online fitness hub, where confidence meets fitness.  Utilizing an intuitive mobile platform, our online personal training seamlessly incorporates mobility, power, and strength exercises.

Align Athletics not only enhances your strength and overall health but also boosts your confidence in the gym.  We deliver unparalleled coaching expertise, team-driven accountability, and a curated network of wellness partners, arming you with the essential tools for a sustained, confident, and healthy lifestyle.

Meet your coach.

Meet Malissa, the energetic founder of Align Athletics. She is a seasoned athlete turned strength and conditioning coach. After years of being a semi-private in person strength coach, she discovered new needs of her clients as the fitness industry continues to evolve. As the driving force behind Align Athletics she has created a platform that allows her clients to be able to work with her wherever they choose to workout. Malissa is committed to not only enhancing your fitness journey but also boosting your confidence in working out on your own or in a group! When Malissa isn't training in the gym, she takes on outdoor adventures with her two dogs, adding a refreshing balance to her dynamic life as the owner of Align Athletics and an online coach. Embark on a holistic fitness journey with Malissa, where a healthy lifestyle and confidence merge. Get started below!

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